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April is National OT Month

over 4 years ago

Occupational Therapists work with all ages, from babies to adults. Many OT’s work in hospitals and clinics to help people learn how to do ordinary everyday activities (such as brushing their teeth, or getting dressed, or making meals) after they have had an injury or health difficulty. There are also OT’s that work with children in school. These OT’s help kids do their best at the “job" of being learners. Some ordinary everyday school activities (such as using a backpack, or cutting with scissors, or writing with pencils) might be difficult for some kids to do because of an injury or health concern. These are the things that school OT's help kids learn to do. Occupational therapists want people to learn how they might be able to do as much as they can on their own, without needing help from others.

The Mandan Public Schools Occupational Therapy Department is conducting coloring contests for kindergarten and third grade students in honor of OT Month. MPS OT staff include: Mary Hellman, Jodi Glasser, Dana Mork, Sue Weiland, and Jolene Kuntz. Please visit our website for more information about OT, activities, and resources.


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