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Mandan Middle School's Survival Guide for Students and Parents
We have put together some PowerPoint presentations that will aid you and your child in Middle School life.
Topics covered include:
Senator John Hoeven and Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler
On Friday, January 24th Senator John Hoeven and Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler visited Mandan Middle School.  They both had very kind words to say to our 6th grade students.  The focus of the visit was on the work of Senator Hoeven through the encouragement of local and State officials to work towards adjusting the restrictions on school lunch.  We thank them for taking their valuable time to spend with our students and allowing us to showcase our community through students, staff, and facilities.
Mandan Middle School 6th Grader is Morton County Spelling Bee Champion
Ms. Olivia Geiger represented Mandan Middle School this past weekend at the Morton County Spelling Bee.  She represented our school well by being the 6th Grade Top Speller as well as the Spelling Bee Champion for Morton County.  We wish her luck as she will compete in the State Spelling Bee in Bismarck on March 21st.  Good Luck Olivia!!!
New to Mandan Middle School 
We welcome new families and students to Mandan Middle School.  If you are new to the District, you will need to fill out registration papers at the new BRAVE Center located at 901 Division Street NW.  The phone number for the BRAVE Center is 751-6500.  Upon completion of the registration papers you will receive a supply list with information on materials needed.  Once more, welcome to Mandan and our school District.
Follow this link to a tour of Mandan Middle School.
Mandan Pride Card
Students are selected throughout the school year to receive rewards for being identified as earning a Pride Card.  Students who show Pride in Self, Pride in Others, and Pride in School are recognized and acknowledged with a Pride Card. Read more about Mandan Pride.
Immunizations for Incoming Students
All 6th grade and new students entering Mandan Middle School this fall must provide a record of having received a meningococcal (MCV4) and a tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (Tdap) vaccine.  The requirement is in addition to the previously required immunizations.  These vaccines may be obtained from your private physician or from Custer Health Department. 

Custer Health offers immunizations.  Please call 667-3370 for appointments.

Startup Dates For Fall Sports Season

2013-2014 startup dates can be found by clicking here.

2013-2014 First Practice Dates and Places.

About the School

Mandan Middle School opened its doors in August 2008 housing both seventh and eighth graders.  The state of the art building was updated with the opening of the 6th grade wing in January 2010.  Currently, Mandan Middle School educates grades six through eight in Mandan Public Schools.

Through the hard work and dedication to the students of Mandan, our School Board, Superintendent, faculty, and community have built Mandan Middle School into a symbol of pride for the community.  Our students walk through the doors of a facility representative to the potential ability of the individual.

Our academic wings are organized around Teaming areas and help us provide a higher quality of education.  Classrooms are equipped with Promethean Boards, audio-enhanced sound systems, and other e-learning devices which will better prepare students for the technological workforce.

On behalf of all Mandan Middle School staff, welcome to our facility.

Mr. R Leingang, Principal

Mr. T. Peters, Assistant Principal

Middle School News
04.29.14 Grade 7 Spring Band Concert @ MHS Auditorium - 7:30 pm
05.02.14 Student Council Dance - 7:00 pm
05.05.14 6th Grade Choir Concert
05.09.14 6th Grade Track and Field Day - 10:00 pm
05.09.14 Grade 7 Band Night Parade in Bismarck - 6:00 pm
05.13.14 Grade 6 Spring Concert @ MHS - 7:30 pm
05.15.14 Choir Sprint Concert @ MHS Auditorium - 7:00 pm
05.23.14 Last Day of School
05.27.14 First Day of Summer School