PowerSchool Help

PowerSchool is a web-based student information system that allows parents and students access to real-time information-like grades and attendance-and provides a secure way to communicate with teachers from home.

Each grade K-12 parent and grade 6-12 student receives a letter with login and password information. Parents receive a different login and password for each student they have enrolled in the District.

Mandan Public Schools does not allow the option of personalizing logins and passwords. Parents, if you happen to misplace your student’s login and/or password, for security purposes, you will need to stop in at your student’s school office to receive this information. Student’s, you will also need to stop by the school office for any misplaced student login/password information. For student privacy and security, office staff may require you to show a form of identification.

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to utilize PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal, click on the “PowerSchool Parent Instructions” or “PowerSchool Student Instructions” link at the right under Documents.

The PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal is a wonderful and quick tool to track academic progress.

Known Issues & Resolutions

  • You may receive an error stating “Login page expired (or cached). Please re-login” after your first attempt to log in. We are finding that you may have to make more than one attempt to login. After two attempts you should be successful unless you have entered your login and/or password incorrectly. If you have entered your login or password incorrectly you will receive the following error “Invalid Username or Password! Attempt has been recorded.” Please re-attempt to login your password and username. If after several attempts and you are not successful, please contact your school office to make sure the login and password are correct.
  • If you are a family with more than one student enrolled in Mandan Public Schools you may experience the following issue: You have logged out of your first student’s account and attempt to enter your second student’s username and password, upon opening the account you may see your first student’s information again. Logout again, close your internet browser, wait a moment, reopen your internet browser and attempt to log in again.

PowerSchool has been made aware of the issues Mandan Public Schools is experiencing with the Parent/Student Portal.

With a District our size it is impossible for the MPS Technology Department to personally support each and every parent computer issue. The Technology Department will try to keep you posted with resolutions to issues as best we can.