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iPad Informational Video

iPad Set-up Video

Canvas App Installation
Upon entering the canvas app on your iPad, when the program asks for 'School District' please type ''. The app will then take you to our district Canvas location. 

The below links will take you to recorded webinars that will walk you through the basic features of Canvas.  Each course is approximately 70 minutes long.

PowerSchool Integration Information

This link provides a bunch of information on how Canvas moves grades over to PowerSchool.  It provides information on best practices for managing your grade book, grade areas (assignments, quizzes, enrollments, etc... Click the heading above for more information.

Guided Access Information

Guided access is an operation on the iPad that locks the iPad and only allows one app to be view-able at one time.  This may be helpful in test-taking situations.  You will have to walk your students through the process to set it up on their iPads.  Click the heading above for more information.

Turnitin Integration

Turnitin is a plagiarism detector that automatically checks for the authenticity of student work and provides feedback to the student on how they may improve their paper and also provides valuable information to teachers.  Below is a link to a webinar that was conducted on Turnitin as well as the PowerPoint presentation.  If you click the heading above, it will provide you more information on using turnitin for an assignment in canvas. 

Turnitin Webinar Link

Turnitin PowerPoint

Canvas Introduction Video

Professional Development

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You cannot be a Master Teacher without being a Master Learner. 

Keynote Speakers for Opening PD days

Tuesday Keynote Speaker

David LaRose is an education coach and consultant specializing in PLCs, RTI, leadership, and organizational culture. Dave LaRose served as superintendent for Culver City Unified School District from 2012-2016, having previously served as superintendent for South Kitsap Schools in Washington State from 2008-2012. His focus as a district and site leader has been to engage all school and community stakeholders in a passionate pursuit of high levels of learning for all students. Implementing professional learning communities and systemic interventions to meet the needs of the whole child led to South Kitsap School District being identified as a Model PLC District.


Dave has been a principal at the secondary and elementary level. He served on the state board of directors for the Washington Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development and now holds the same position with the California ASCD affiliate. Dave has presented and delivered keynote messages at local, state, and national events.

August Canvas Institute

Wednesday Keynote Speaker

Willow Sweeney is co-founder of Top 20 Training that provides training and materials to empower leaders. teachers, parents and students to develop their potential. She and her Top 20 team have trained over 600,000 leaders throughout the United States. 

Willow has co-authored Top 20 Teachers: The Revolution in American Education, Top 20 Parents: Raising Happy, Responsible and Emotionally Healthy Children and Top 20 Teens: Discovering the Best-kept Thinking, Learning and Communicating Secrets of Successful Teenagers.

Willow's career has included high school teaching, coaching and she has been a national speaker and trainer since 2002. She and her husband, Brian, have two sons and live in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

August Canvas Institute

UND has changed their credit registration process, please follow the instructions below to register. 

Here are the instructions staff should follow.

1.     Click on the credit registration link below, this will direct you to shopping cart where you can register for your learning event. Be sure to enter in the coupon code.

2.     When you are ready to check out, click “Check Out”.

3.     If you are a returning customer and have not set up a profile in our new shopping cart system, click “Create Profile”.  If you are a returning customer and have a profile in shopping cart already, login.

4.     Fill in the sign-up sheet information. (Please use the same email address you have used in the past when signing up for UND Graduate Professional Development Credit.)

5.     Once you have filled out the form hit “submit” and you will be able to pay for your learning event.

Canvas Institute Registration

Coupon Code:  20170058


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Power Teacher Pro introduction Video

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Quality App Rubric
Common Sense Media
This site rates apps in a variety of different areas and also provides reviews of teachers as well. 

NDSA - North Dakota State Assessment

6 months ago

When using the NDSA programs, Please use Chrome as it tends to be the most reliable.  

To complete the proctor certification, click the below proctor link and then click 'Test Administrator Certification'.  The certification class takes approximately 20-30 minutes and does not need to be done in one setting.  When you are prompted to log in, you username is your district email address.  Be sure to reset your password by clicking 'forgot password'. 

Teacher Administrator User Guide - This is the full user guide for test administrators. 

Student Login Steps - This will give you step-by-step instructions on getting students logged into the network, secured browser and into a test session. 

Guided Access - Instructions for how to set up and enable guided access on an iPad. 

Designated Supports and Accommodations Guidance - This document provides information on all accommodations and supports available in the NDSA assessment. 

Proctor Training Presentation - The PowerPoint will walk you through all the needed information to proctor the NDSA assessment. 

How to set up and enable guided access on student iPads

This video will show you how to begin a test session. 

Tech Talk Resources

about 1 year ago

SLDS - State Longitudinal Data System

about 1 year ago


The SLDS works best in Firefox

This video will help you navigate the Teacher Student Roster report.  This is the page that will most commonly be used by classroom teachers to view their students' data. 
This next video will provide a brief description on how to retrieve and navigate the Student Directory.  This is used when you have building-wide access and would like to view individual student data.

This video will show staff how to retrieve and download an NWEA MAP report using the SLDS. 


about 1 year ago

The Google Translator link will allow you to do the following: 

  1. Type in text and have it automatically translate that text. 
  2. Also, the below link will take you to a site where you can upload a work document and it will automatically translate it for you, this is a bit clunky if you have a lot of formatting in the document. 
  3. You can also speak into the translator and it will translate your information. 

Website Translations Extensions

Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, you can add an 'extension' that will automatically translate any website in the browser.  Click the Hamburger (far right), then click 'more tools', and then 'extentions'.  Go to the bottom of the page, and click 'get more extensions'.  Finally, find 'google translator' and add it as an extension. 


In the Firefox web browser you can add an 'add-on' that will automatically translate any website in the browser.  You can find the add-on section by clicking tools, then add-ons and search for the 'S3 Google Translator 5.02). 

WIDA - World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment

WIDA's guide to RTI presents a framework to assist educators in designing and implementing the systems that proactively support the instruction, intervention, and assessment of ELLs. The document specifically addresses seven factors to consider during the solution-seeking process that help explain ELLs' educational experience. It also provides information on how educators can use WIDA tools and resources to better understand ELLs' academic language development, as this will serve as a context for collecting and interpreting the data they use to make instructional and programmatic decisions within an RTI process.

Quick Links
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Mobile Experience

No need to download an app! To view the mobile experience, please shrink your browser window by undocking the browser in order to make it resizable then resize the browser to be the size of an iPad then an iPhone.

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Mobile Navigation

When your browser’s width conforms to a tablet or mobile phone, the menu bar changes to be mobile optimized.

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Login to view additional information on features available to registered users.

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Login to view additional information on features available to registered users.

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By clicking on your name, you find your personal tools including a combined calendar, feed and more.

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By clicking on your name, you find your personal tools including a combined calendar, feed and more.

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Admin Button

This admin button appears wherever you have rights to alter a set of blocks. To add a block, click “Add Block” to see the options.

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SchoolBlocks offers a unique and powerful personalized search system. A member of the public, searching for "homework" might see an announcement from the school as the first result. However, if the user is logged in, they would see their teacher’s latest homework assignment as the top result.