How Does Your Engine Run

How Does Your Engine Run is an alertness program for students. Occupational Therapists within the Mandan Public School System use sensorimotor activities to teach self regulation techniques. The primary focus of How Does Your Engine Run is to help children learn to monitor, maintain, and change their level of alertness to a behavior appropriate for whatever situation or task they may face. The alert program has four main purposes that are listed below.

  • To teach children, teachers, and parents how to recognize arousal states as they relate to attention, learning, and behavior.
  • To help children recognize and expand the number of self regulation techniques and strategies they can use in any given situation.
  • To give teachers and parents a framework of vocabulary, activities, and environments to help children recognize and regulate their own state of arousal.
  • To help parents and teachers understand that behavior reflects the level of organization of the nervous system and the student’s attempt to adapt to the demand of the situation.

For more information regarding this program, please call the Mandan Public Schools Occupational Therapy Department at 751-6500.

Occupational Therapy Programs

The Occupational Therapy staff has implemented several programs to enhance student performance and work in collaboration with other disciplines to follow through with other specific student programming.