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Mission and Vision

Strategic Planning and School Improvement Process

about 1 year ago

The Mandan Public School District (MPSD) has adopted a strategic planning philosophy built upon the premise that the objectives and activities for achieving school improvement goals are not static functions.  The concept of "continuous improvement" relies on the idea that objectives and activities must evolve in order to drive change and have positive impact on student learning.  The conditions that exist when objectives and activities are developed often do not remain long enough for traditional long range strategic plans to remain relevant.

The strategic plan is monitored by School Board appointed committees for each goal area.   Board committees have representation of board members, parents, teachers, support staff, administrators, and students.  Committees are managed by district administration, which serve as ex officio non voting members of the committee and provide data and background information.  Committees act in an advisory capacity and forward recommendations to the School Board for formal action and approval.


Mandan Public School District's Strategic Planning Framework

 Adoption of Common Language

  • Strategic Plan– A formal document that identifies the goals, measurable objectives, strategies, and activities that MSPD has identified as essential to successfully execute its mission and vision
  • Strategy Map– a one‐page graphical representation of what MPSD must do well in order to successfully execute its mission and vision.
  • Goal ‐ Used to describe a broad area of MPSD’s operations.
  • Measurable Objectives – Specific indicators used to gauge the success of MPSD’s school improvement efforts. There are typically multiple measurable objectives within each goal.
  • Strategy- A statement that describes a broad approach to the improvement of a measurable objective.
  • Activity – The specific actions MPSD will take to address a specific measurable objective.
  • Performance Measure –The method by which MPSD will measure success in meeting a measurable objective.


Develop a Clear Mission and Vision

  • Mission – what we are about/why do we exist?
  • Vision – what do we want to become/what is our ideal?

The Mission of Mandan Public Schools is to provide students with rigorous and personalized learning experiences and to help them develop the social and emotional skills to become productive citizens.

The Vision of the Mandan Public Schools is that every student will graduate Choice Ready; ready for college, career, and life.

MPSD Slogan: Where the Best Begin!


Development and Implementation of Plan Utilizing AdvancED ASSIST

  • Identify Goals for School Operations.
  • Identify School District Strategies and Measurable Objectives for each Goal.
  • Identify Performance Measures for each Measureable Objective.
  • Implement Activities for each Measurable Objective.
  • Monitor, Analyze, and Report Progress of the Strategic Plan annually.