Morton-Sioux Special Education Unit

2 months ago

MSSEU Demographics
The Morton-Sioux Special Education Unit (MSSEU) encompasses seven school districts and the North Dakota Youth Correctional Center. The superintendents of each district, except for Mandan who has two members on the board, represent the MSSEU Board. The MSSEU Board meets on the third Thursday of each month. Each school district in the MSSEU is responsible for hiring district level special education staff based on LEA need.

The MSSEU contracts the following services: Occupational Therapy, Mary Kay Flemmer; Physical Therapy, Lisa LaFleur; and Technology Educator, Mark Kielpinski.

The policies, procedures, VI-B Budget, long-range plans, and various compliance documents are the responsibility of the MSSEU central office. The unit policies are reviewed and approved through the board and implemented by all member school districts.

Overview Of Services Provided Through the MSSEU

  • Assistive technology training and support
  • Child Find Obligation (locate, identify and serve)
  • Complete specified State and Federal paperwork/assist LEA members with requisite State and Federal reports
  • Development of standardized forms to maintain compliance with State and Federal regulations
  • FEET - Family Educator Enhancement Team
  • Financial management of State and Federal fund sources
  • MSSEU VI-B Application/Preschool Application
  • Onsite technical support for administrators and LEA staff
  • PT/OT Services (contracted)
  • Speech Pathology Services (Contracted)
  • Staff development and training
  • Oversight of State and Federal policy changes
  • Parent training
  • Provide oversight/quality assurance of local practices
  • Recruitment and retention of staff (Incentives)
  • School Psychology services
  • Vision Specialists/Hearing Specialist