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MPS Smart Restart

Returning to ft in-person school

Updated 10.7.20


Mandan School Families,

When Mandan Public Schools first released the Smart Restart School Re-entry Plan, our goal was to provide a quality educational experience in a safe manner.  Through the first seven weeks of school, the following has borne itself out: 

• Hybrid instruction in the Mandan Middle and High School are working for some students, but not for all students.   

• COVID is impacting students, but not to the degree anticipated before school began.   

• There are still concerns with some students in special populations that continue to struggle in a hybrid environment.   

• MPS continues to maintain that having students in school every day is the best for their social, emotional, and academic success. 

After receiving input from the NDDoH, Custer Health, ND Department of Public Instruction, and MPS educators Mandan Public Schools will be returning to full-time in-person instruction for grades 6-9 on Monday, October 19th.   

The new contact tracing guidelines that were recently released by Gov. Burgum helped guide this decision. The guidance states that all close contacts exposed to a person in a school setting that tests positive for COVID-19, may remain in school and monitor for symptoms as long as both parties were wearing a mask during the exposure. Masks will continue to be required at all Mandan Public Schools and sporting events when physical distancing is not possible.   

Mandan Middle School Students: 

Students in grades 6-8 will return to a full time, everyday instruction on Monday, October 19th.  Transfers into and back out of the Mandan Virtual Academy (MVA) will be allowed from Thursday, October 8th through Tuesday, Oct 13th. Parents should contact the MMS Office to request a transfer into or out of the MVA.  All transfers will be effective on October 19th

Mandan High School Students: 

Students in grade 9 will return to a full time, everyday instruction on Monday, October 19th.  All students in MHS are in credit-bearing classes.  To ensure that students receive proper credit for the work they have completed, we are not allowing students to transfer between MHS enrollment and the Mandan Virtual Academy (MVA) until the semester break on December 22, 2020. 

Discussion and planning to have students in grades 10-12 to return to everyday instruction will continue.  At this time, due to many physical, academic, and health considerations, we are taking a staggered approach within MHS.  More information on any change to their hybrid schedule will be released at a future date. 

Mandan Elementary Students:  

If your student is currently in grades K-5 and attending school full-time, there will not be any changes to their schedules at this time. 

Should I check for symptoms before school?

Yes, we ask that all parents us the form attached to review their child’s health before considering sending them to school.  If your child is sick, please keep them at home.  Click here for the checklist. 

What happens if my child becomes sick at school?

School employees have been directed to send any children exhibiting COVID like symptoms that cannot be explained by a known condition to the school office. When they are in the office, the student’s temperature will be taken. If the child is determined to be ill, they will be quarantined in a sick room and monitored until they can be released to a guardian.    


Will the school give my student a COVID-19 test?

 No. The school will not provide your child a COVID-19 test. That is a parental decision.   Click here for locations to get tested. 


when can my child return to school?

The ND Department of Health has provided guidance for families regarding returning students to school.  If your student has been diagnosed with COVID-19, they must be released by the NDDoH before they can return to school.  The NDDoH stays in close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19.  Click here for the decision tree.  


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