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3 months ago

By Perry Just


IGNITE 2025 Goals

Improving Teaching and Learning - Use the SAMR Model as a Guide

Mandan Public Schools strives to modify and redefine assignments, assessments and content to support students to achieve high levels of learning.  The instruction of the classroom moves beyond the traditional learning mechanisms to teaching and learning in ways which were previously unavailable or unattainable.  

Embed 21st Century Skills

Mandan Public Schools believes that all learners are able to demonstrate mastery of standards through the use of collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking.  Learners will become leaders in digital citizenship, broaden their horizons, learn to construct knowledge through different mediums and create new and innovate solutions to problems. 

Maintain Equity in Technology for all Students

Mandan Public School believes in maintaining equity in technology for all students by ensuring all students have equal access to technology.  Teachers will build lessons for students allowing them to learn on an individual level, shifting the focus from whole-group learning to personalized learning modules. 

We will accomplish the above goals by creating common course shells in Canvas which include content for each essential learning, common assessments as well as activities for both remediation and enrichment for each essential learning.