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Activity Eligibility

School Attendance

Generally, a student must be in school on the day of an activity in order to participate in that activity.  Exceptions for unusual circumstances may be made by the principal.

Academic Eligibility

Senior High: If participants have not earned credits in four academic subjects the previous semester, they will be ineligible to participate for four weeks. During the semester, passing grades must be maintained on a weekly basis in at least four academic subjects or they will be ineligible the following week.

Middle School: Participants must be passing all subjects, on a weekly basis, in order to participate in school activities that involve other schools regardless of the team/group that the student is a member (i.e.; 7th, 8th, or high school team/group).


  • If you have been in classes as many days as you have missed from the opening of the semester.
  • If you entered school earlier than 10 days after the opening of the semester.
  • If you have competed in a sport for less than eight semesters as a high school student.
  • If you have not competed in a similar athletic contest on an out-of-school team during the same sports season, even while under suspension.
  • If you have not enrolled in an institution of higher rank except as an accelerated student carrying advanced work in addition to two high school subjects.
  • If you earned credits in four subjects the preceding semester.
  • If you maintain a passing average in four subjects during the present semester.
  • If you have not graduated from a 4 year high school or equivalent.
  • If you have not accepted awards other than those having symbolic value and costing more than seventy-five dollars.
  • If you are not twenty years of age or over.
  • If you are an amateur in the sport in which you are competing or if you have not competed under an assumed name.
  • If you have not transferred from another school without corresponding change of residence by your parents.
  • If you are in your ninth semester of attendance and have not reached your eighteenth birthday.
  • If you are in your eighth semester and your seventh and eighth semesters are consecutive.
  • If you have a current file of a doctor’s or nurse practitioner’s certificate of physical fitness.
  • If you have not used or have in your possession tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs.

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