Transportation Department

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Transportation Department

The Mandan Public School District was reorganized in 1969. Following the reorganization, the transportation of rural students began in September of that year with eight buses. From a small beginning, the system has grown to 25 routes (rural, city & special education) transporting approximately 1800 students and traveling close to 1750 miles each day. At the present time there is no charge for transportation.


Our goal is "to transport all students, a very precious cargo, in a safe, quiet, and enjoyable manner to and from school and school-related activities."

In order to accomplish this, the cooperation of students and parents is important. The school bus is an extension of the classroom. The driver is entitled to the same respect as given a classroom teacher. Consequences for misbehavior may include but are not limited to, a change in seat assignment, written warning, and/or suspension from the school bus. (See student/parent handbook)

Riding the bus is a privilege. A child is not required to ride a bus to and from school. Parents have the option to choose another mode of transportation for their child/children.


New students or those not riding a bus may register at the Central Office or at the school they attend. These registrations are due no later than July 15, to ensure a ride on the first day of school.


  • Inclement Weather: Should school be closed an announcement will be made by approximately 6:00 A.M.
    You will receive the information as follows:
    1. Television, radio, and the school website.
    2. The Instant Alert System - providing you have set up your profile on the Instant Alert System. (IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE THIS go to the main page of the Mandan Public School website and click on the Instant Alert icon. You will then have to register as a parent. After registering you will be able to choose who in your family will be notified and by whatever means you wish.)
    In case buses are NOT operating and school IS IN session, that announcement will be made in the same manner as outlined above.
  • Bus Breakdown – Stuck – Etc.: We have communication capabilities either by two way radio or in many cases, cell phone. An effort will be made to contact remaining students that have not been picked up as soon as we find out about a problem. We will send another bus to pick up stranded riders and complete the route as quickly as possible. For this reason we do ask that parents see that their children are appropriately dressed for the weather.
  • Substitute Buses: Many times we must send an alternate bus on a route due to a mechanical problem, etc. When this happens we will place white magnetic signs with black numbers, indicating the regular route bus number, on both sides of the bus. This should eliminate any problem for children not getting on the right school bus. You will be notified if a different bus is placed on your route on a permanent basis.
  • Substitute Bus Drivers: We will not notify parents when a substitute bus driver will be driving a route. We will, however, notify you of a permanent change in driver or a long term substitute.
  • Students Walking to Schools to Meet a Bus: In such case where students, mostly 6th,7th and 8th graders, are walking to a neighborhood school to meet a school bus plans are in place for their safety. In case of cold, inclement weather, the school bus is late, etc., the school will be open for them to wait inside. Supervision at the school will be provided.
  • Parent Student Handbook: This handbook contains many guidelines for your child while riding the school bus, such as discipline guidelines, friends riding home, transporting musical instruments, use of cell phones, etc. We ask that you read it and discuss it with your child/children.