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Meal Charging Procedure

Mandan Public School District Nutrition Services Meal Charging Policy

Because good nutrition is key to the optimal growth and development of children, we make every possible attempt to reach out to parents before meal charging becomes a problem.

Parents are responsible for monitoring their children’s meal account and ensuring a positive balance in their accounts. Student lunch balances can be viewed in the parent portal in PowerSchool, or you may also set up an account by going to By setting up an account through MySchoolBucks, you can deposit money into your student’s lunch account, check their balance, or view a transaction report.

The following protocol will be used by Mandan Public School District to assist parents with their responsibility to maintain a positive balance.

·      Once a child’s balance has reached a balance below $10.00 (full price student), or $2.00 (reduced price student), an automated instant alert will go out on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. (This will be for elementary and Middle School students only. No instant alert will go out for High School students)

·      If an elementary student has a negative balance a written notice addressed to the parent will also be sent home with the student from the school secretary.

·      Middle School and High School students will be notified at the cashier stations when their accounts are low.

·      Once an account has reached a negative balance of $10.00 or below, only the second-choice meal will be offered to the student, they will not have their choice of which entrée they will receive.  It is the parent’s responsibility to monitor their child’s account.  

·      If meal charging for an individual student becomes a continuous problem, that particular student’s charge privileges may be suspended and it may create a potential report to Social Services for child neglect.  

·      Ala carte items at the High School and Middle School may only be purchased when the student’s account has a positive balance. There is no charging of ala carte items under any circumstances.

·      No adult may charge meals. Employees of the District must prepay by depositing money into their accounts before meal service.

·      Parents of elementary students who want to have lunch with their student must call the school before 10 a.m. on that particular day and pre-pay in the school office before the lunch service begins.

Free and reduced price meal applications are available at every school and will be accepted at any time during the school year. 

If you have any questions or need assistance in filling out the application please call the Director of Nutrition Services, Becky Heinert, at 701-751-6500.

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