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Professional Learning

3 days ago

You cannot be a Master Teacher without being a Master Learner. 

Professional Development sign

GoTo English Learners Instructional Strategies

Mandan Public Schools will be offering a training for elementary and secondary teachers.  This two-day workshop will introduce and provide hands-on experience in a variety of instructional strategies useful for integrating language learners into the classroom learning experience.

It is designed for teachers of English Learners (ELs) from K-12. Participants can expect multiple opportunities for active participation with colleagues in order to develop teaching behaviors and a common language relating to ELL instruction. 


Elementary session - May 28-29    8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Secondary session - May 30-31     8:30 am - 3:30 pm


HIT building training room -- 2640 Sunset Drive Mandan, ND

Credit will be offered through the University of Mary - Details coming soon!

To Register, just click the link below. 

GoTo Instructional Strategies Registration

Participants will be able to:

Associate research-based principles of instruction with specific strategies.

Become familiar with the 100 page GO TO Strategies booklet.

Participate in strategy demonstrations during the workshop and plan classroom applications.

Appreciate the necessity of including all learners in the classroom conversation and learn strategies for their inclusion.

Understand how academic language contributes to classroom achievement levels.

Learn how to create language objectives that correlate to classroom content.

Begin to use a planning framework that scaffolds content lessons by integrating strategies at various points in the lesson.

Leave with abundant resources for scaffolding instruction for EL students, including the GO TO Strategy materials and other planning tools.

Personalized Learning For Teachers

PD in PJs

All staff will be required to take one online course through our canvas LMS this year in lieu of the professional development day on May 24th.  Below is a listing of the classes that will be offered to begin the year: 

  • Canvas Basics
  • Next-Level Canvas
  • Canvas Assessments
  • Apple Teacher on the MacBook
  • Apple Teacher on the iPad
  • Mastery Connect Basics
  • Office 365 Introduction
  • SAMR model for Technology Integration
  • ND Native American Essential Understandings
  • Marzano Instructional Model
  • SAMR Soundbyte Podcast Course

Each course will take approximately 7.5 hours to complete. The courses are self-paced, collaborative in nature and provide a wealth information.  Staff are required to complete their mandatory course by April 1st.  

We will be expanding our course offerings throughout the school year! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Perry Just as 

To Register for courses, click the link below:

You should receive an invitation to your course in a couple of days.  Once you click the invitation link, you can begin your course.

For more information on how to navigate a canvas course as a student, click the link below: 

Graduate Credit for Personalized Learning Courses

If you wish to earn credit for the personalized learning courses, you must commit to completing two online courses.  The graduate credit is from the University of Mary and the registration fee is $45.  The system will ask you for personal information and prompt you to create a canvas account for the University of Mary as this is how the university tracks continuing education credits. 

The system will NOT allow you to register unless payment is completed at the time of registration, UMary does NOT accept personal checks! 

  • It's important you follow these steps to successfully register for credit. 
Remember, you should not register for credit if you are not SURE you will complete two online courses from our personalized learning library! 

To register for credit, click the link below: 

If you choose to complete 2 more online classes (total of 4), you can register to earn a second graduate credit, just click the link below to register. 

The deadline to complete PLC classes for credit is April 30th. 

Stipends are available for any staff interested developing online classes for our teachers.  Contact Perry Just for more information! 

Assessment Resources

20 days ago

This is the app that the students will use to take the new NDSA assessment.  

It also has a practice test available for students. 

The above link will take you TIDE, the test administration site and also the Test Administration training site. 

NDSA Practice assessment

Canvas Central

about 1 year ago

PowerTeacher Pro Grade Pass Back

Below you will find written directions and videos that will help you set up your Canvas classes to pass back grade into PowerTeacher Pro.  These directions must be done for the pass back to work properly.

Sharing to Canvas Commons

This is short tutorial on how to share to Canvas Commons and import from Common as well. 

Using Outcomes in Canvas(Middle School) 

The link above is a nice video that provides information on how to use outcomes to create quizzes and assignments that link to standards. 

iPad Informational Video

iPad Set-up Video

Canvas Introduction Video

PowerSchool Resources

about 1 year ago


Power Teacher Pro introduction Video

By bc academy web

Apps Requests

about 1 year ago

Common Sense Media

This site rates apps in a variety of different areas and also provides reviews of teachers as well. 

District Data

5 months ago

By bc academy web

Data-Driven Decisions

The links below contain a variety of reports on the student progress in different areas and assessments.   

SLDS - State Longitudinal Data System

about 1 year ago


The SLDS works best in Firefox

This video will help you navigate the Teacher Student Roster report.  This is the page that will most commonly be used by classroom teachers to view their students' data. 

This next video will provide a brief description on how to retrieve and navigate the Student Directory.  This is used when you have building-wide access and would like to view individual student data.


about 1 year ago

Website Translations Extensions

Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, you can add an 'extension' that will automatically translate any website in the browser.  Click the Hamburger (far right), then click 'more tools', and then 'extensions'.  Go to the bottom of the page, and click 'get more extensions'.  Finally, find 'google translator' and add it as an extension. 


In the Firefox web browser you can add an 'add-on' that will automatically translate any website in the browser.  You can find the add-on section by clicking tools, then add-ons and search for the 'S3 Google Translator 5.02). 

WIDA - World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment

WIDA's guide to RTI presents a framework to assist educators in designing and implementing the systems that proactively support the instruction, intervention, and assessment of ELLs. The document specifically addresses seven factors to consider during the solution-seeking process that help explain ELLs' educational experience. It also provides information on how educators can use WIDA tools and resources to better understand ELLs' academic language development, as this will serve as a context for collecting and interpreting the data they use to make instructional and programmatic decisions within an RTI process.