Mandan Middle School Staff Directory

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 Name Department E-mail Address
Ryan Leingang Principal
Tom Peters Assistant Principal
Debbie Bendish Administrative Assistant
Nancy Finck Administrative Assistant
Sina Horst Administrative Assistant
Gene Anderson 8th Grade Math
Marleen Anderson Para Professional
Steve Bardell 7th Grade Math
Van Bardell 6th Grade Science
Katrina Barnett Para Professional
Marla Barnhardt Para Professional
Sara Baumann Band
Jane Beach Para Professional
Patricia Berube Para Professional
Kara Blaskowski 6th Grade Math
Shawn Boehm Band
Danielle Borseth 8th Health
Stephanie Bosch 6th Grade Keyboarding
Angela Bushaw 7th Grade Language Arts
Daniel Cahoon Latin
Jill Charlebois French
Linda Dammel Library Para Professional
Daphne Davis Special Services
Jean Dunn-Gefroh 7/8 Chorus
Ricky Eckroth Custodian
Cathy Ehlis Para Professional
Pamela Erhardt-Doll Library/LD Para Professional
Whitney Faul Band
Hilary Feist 8th Grade Math
Amy Flicek 6th Grade Science
Andrea Frantz Special Services
Kennard Friesz Custodiam
Kristi Fry Counselor
Gary Gerhardt Para Professional/Study Hall
Dan Girard 6th Grade Math
Lance Goetz 8th Grade Language Arts
Chelsey Gravseth 7/8 Science
Beth Greff Librarian
Brenda Haaland Para Professional
Thai Haggin 7th Grade PE
Julie Haussler 8th Grade Science
Donna Hopfauf Para Professional
Hattie Johnson Para Professional
Thomas Johnson 7/8th Grade Math
Linda Johnson 6th Grade Language Arts
Annette Kaip 7th Grade Math
Leon Kary 8th Grade History
Marilyn Keller Special Services
Kathleen Kelly Homeless Outreach Coordinator
Kevin Kerr 6th Grade Science
Jordan King 8th Grade PE
Shana Klee 6th Grade Choir
Jennie Kuller ID Specialist
Henry Lau ISS
Lisa Leingang 7/8 Art
Brittni Liepitz 6th Grade Language Arts
Melissa Long 7th Grade Language Arts
Steven Long 8th Grade Science
Jackson Long 7th Grade Science
Tim Markel Custodian
Bonita Mayer 8th Grade Language Arts
Sandy McCartney Para Professional
Olga Mindt Custodian
Rebekah Moser Para Professional
Doreen Oakland Counselor
Melissa Olson Para Professional
Callie Olson Counselor
Erica Opp Para Professional
Don Otos 7th Grade Geography
Marv Pedersen 6th Grade Social Studies
Saundra Pfaff 7th Grade Language Arts
Anessa Pfeifer 7/8 ADP
Geri Pomarleau 7/8 Computer
Carol Prince 6th Grade Resource Room
Sheila Quick 7th Grade Geography
Jill Quinlivan Applying Technology Instructor
Lucy Reichert Para Professional
Heidi Reiter Agriculture
Kevin Richardson Para Professional
Teresa Rivera Special Services teresa.rivera@msd1,org
Stephanie Rostad Band
Brent Schafer 6th Grade PE
Ann Schneider Special Services
Todd Sheldon 8th Grade History
Carol Skalsky 7th Grade Life Science
Peder Stenslie 6th Grade Social Studies
Luann Tschaekofske Special Services
Amy Vetter Spanish
Tanya Walther 6th Grade Health
Rebecca Warren Band
Jamie Wenstrom 7th/8th Grade Language Arts
Jackie Williamson 7/8 FACS
Kara Wolski 6th Grade Social Studies
Brenda Wray Special Services
Katie Wynstra Para Professional
Bruce Zander Custodian
David Zinnel Custodian
Charlene Zins 6th Grade Math
Jada Barrett Kitchen
Becky Brendel Kitchen
Melissa Carpenter Kitchen
Melanee Cleveland Kitchen
Julie Hamilton Kitchen
Marianne Pulkrabek Kitchen
Marlys Readel Kitchen
Ladine Renner Kitchen
Nadine Ressler Kitchen